BALLET Classes—Beginner, Ballet 1,2,3, Pre-pointe, Intermediate & Advanced

BOYS – Black pants, white t-shirts & black ballet shoes

GIRLS – Leotards by Level

Ballet 1, 2 & 3 = White

Intermediate & Pre-Pointe = Black

Intermediate / Advanced = Black

Advanced = Any Color

Pink Tights

Ballet Skirts are optional.  Same color as leotard.

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes

Hair in NEAT Bun

Dancers on Pointe are expected to have pointe shoes with them every class. 1 pair for first year dancers on pointe & 2 pairs ready to go after dancers first year on pointe.

Dancers may wear any color leotard to SUMMER BALLET CLASSES


Contemporary / Jazz / Jazz Funk / Lyrical / Musical Theatre / Turns & Jumps / Choreo & Improv / Company Classes

Any color & style dancewear of your choice.  Dancewear should be form fitting.

Shoes of your choice—turners, jazz shoes or barefoot.

Hair Pulled Back


Hip Hop & Jazz Funk Classes

The Baggier the Better—any athletic apparel

Clean Tennis Shoes or Hip Hop Shoes

Hair Pulled Back


Littles Ballet & Jazz Classes

Pink Leotards

Pink Ballet Skirt is optional

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Pink Tights

Hair in a NEAT Bun


Visit Kicks Dancewear for attire and shoes   2905 Breton Rd SE  ◦  616-776-5966