DMS Competition Team Auditions & Informational Meeting

Auditions for the DMS 2023 – 2024 Competition Teams will be held on Monday, May 22nd at 5:00pm at David Matthew Studios. Dancers only need to attend one audition date. Those who audition will need to sign an Audition Agreement form stating they understand the requirements & expectations of DMS Competition Team members and they will abide by the guidelines if chosen for a position on the team. Please do not audition unless you are prepared to fulfill the commitments associated with being on the DMS competition team.

If you were on the 2022 – 2023 team you still need to attend the audition for next season. This audition will provide you the opportunity to show your commitment to DMS for the 2023 – 2024 Competition Season. As a competitive dancer you are committing yourself to DMS only.

A parents & dancers informational meeting will be held at DMS on Monday, May 15th at 5:30pm to go over all rules, expectations, requirements and commitments, costs, competitions and conventions attending and fundraising opportunities for our competitive team.

DMS Competitive Dance Team 2023 – 2024 Season Expectations & Rules:


1. Competition Team is a commitment for the entire 2023 – 2024 Season. The season runs August 28, 2023 – June
1, 2024. There will be 2 competition teams at DMS for the upcoming season, Junior Team & Senior Team.

2. Summer Technique Classes – All prospective competitors on the junior & senior team must take a minimum of 35
hours of summer technique classes at DMS and attend the Competition Team Choreography Workshop Week
August 5 – 13. 
▪ Classes that count towards junior and senior summer minimum technique class requirement are ballet,
contemporary, jazz and lyrical.
▪ If you are attending a summer program approved by David out of state, those classes will count towards your
requirements. Dancers are expected to take many daily maintenance classes during the summer weeks they
are not away at their summer program.

3. Calendar – DMS will provide a full calendar of Mandatory Competitions, Group Rehearsals, & other workshops for the upcoming year by the workshop choreography week August 5th or as soon as all competitions release dates.
Both Junior and Senior Team Groups, Duos, Trios & Solos will be determined by the end of workshop week and you
will know exactly which competitions you will be required to partake in as a DMS Competitive dancer. Some
rehearsals may be scheduled last minute depending on the quality of the piece. Please understand that exact
times for each competition may not be available until the week of the competition.

4. As a competitive dancer you will be expected to compete in the following:
▪ 1 group dance minimum for Junior Team and 2 group dance minimum for Senior Team, but no more than 5
group dances
▪ Senior DMS Team
▪ YAGP Competition – Toronto
▪ 2 Conventions / Competitions in nearby cities, ex. Detroit, Lansing, Chicago, Indy, Cleveland, Pittsburg
            ➢ ASH (Artists Simply Human) Convention / Competition
            ➢ Tremaine Convention / Competition
▪ 1 Local Convention – ShowBiz, October 8
▪ 1 Local Competition – Energy
▪ YAGP Finals – April 11 – 21, 2024 in NYC

▪ Junior DMS Team
▪ 3 Local Competitions
▪ 1 Local Convention – ShowBiz, October 8
▪ ASH & Tremaine Convention Encouraged / Optional

▪ Solos are a privilege to those who make a commitment to us and will be communicated if earned. You are not
required to compete your solo at every competition. If you are taking a solo to competition you must take solo
lessons over the summer with David or Christen to be ready for competition.
▪ Our competitive dance team will primarily focus on Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz & Lyrical. Jazz Funk & Musical
Theater will be determined depending on want, need, and appropriate skill level to take to competition level.

5. Understudies – You will be expected to be an understudy for a minimum of 1 piece.  All dancers will learn all group
dances. As an understudy you are expected to attend rehearsals but will not be charged for competition
registration fees or costumes unless it is known before payments are due that you are taking the place of the
original dancer. In that case, you are responsible for any additional rehearsals, competition registration fees and
costume fees. If your dancer is unable to perform you are to lend the understudy your costume for the remainder
of the year. No exceptions.

6. Additional Performances -DMS Competition Teams will have additional performance opportunities though out the
season. All dancers are expected to be at the following performances.
• Ada Forest Hills Expo in March
• Lowell Community Expo in March
• Dance Fever Workshop in May
• Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, 1st weekend in June
• Lowell Riverwalk Festival, usually 2nd weekend in July

7. You may not take any solos or group dances to competitions with another school. All choreography learned at
DMS is sole property of DMS. If a dancer leaves DMS this choreography stays at DMS and does not belong to the
dancer. You may not take technique classes at any other school. During the school year DMS is your only school
for technique classes. No instruction of any kind other than DMS sponsored conventions or guest teachers
provided by David Matthew Studios is allowed.

8. Being a team member of the David Matthew Studios Competition Team is a privilege, based on the dancer’s ability
and hard work. If, at any time during the dance year, the instructor determines the dancer is not performing to the
best of their ability or the dancer is not respectfully following the guidelines set forth for Competition Team
members, he/she may be removed from the team. This applies to the dancer and the parents as well.

9. Minimum Class Requirements for 2023 – 2024 Season are as follows.
▪ Senior DMS Team
▪ 4 hr. Competition Team Class / Rehearsal / All Dancers
           ➢ Monday 4:30 – 8:30
           ➢ Includes weekly rehearsal class for each dance competing
▪ 4 Weekly Technique Classes                                                                                                                                                                            ➢ 2 Ballet
           ➢ 1 Contemporary / Jazz
           ➢ 1 Turns & Jumps
           ➢ Must take a technique class of each style of dance you are competing
           ➢ If competing a Ballet Solo must have 3 Ballet technique classes. The only exception to this rule is
               juniors and seniors in high school approved by David.

▪ Junior DMS Team
▪ 4 hr. Competition Team Class / Rehearsal / All Dancers
           ➢ Monday 4:30 – 8:30
           ➢ Includes weekly rehearsal class for each dance competing
▪ 4 Weekly Technique Classes
           ➢ 2 Ballet
           ➢ 1 Contemporary / Jazz
           ➢ 1 Turns & Jumps
           ➢ Must take a technique class of each style of dance you are competing
           ➢ If competing a Ballet Solo must have 3 Ballet technique classes

Benefits of being on the Competitive Dance Team:

1. Many opportunities to work with guest choreographers, such as Tyler Angell, Jessy Hendrickson, Andrea
Spiridonakos & Crystal Ahlberg plus many other accredited instructors/choreographer opportunities. DMS will
offer the most diverse choreography.

2. Scholarship opportunities through YAGP, ASH, Tremaine & other competitions.

3. Many opportunities to perform in front of world-renowned dancers and performers.

4. Smaller Group Classes and rehearsals allowing closer attention to technique, critiques and proper social distancing.

5. The competitive team will elevate your dance career to the next level and display dance skills in the best possible
light through competition and ownership of hard work and dedication.

6. The drive to push through the difficult road to success. Some days you won’t want to show up or work hard, but at
DMS we will prove that hard work does in fact pay off through breeding champions. We can push our dancers past
the hard times, while still creating a positive experience for all.

7. Our competitive team will help build self-confidence, goal setting, & commitment.

8. Additional performance opportunities including Spring Workshop, Choreography Show and Festivals.

9. Most importantly our team will have the most fun! The past five years have been so fantastic to witness the bond
of our competitive girls grow to our own little dance family. Girls will develop friendships, team bonding and experiences to last a lifetime.